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What the Ayurveda Intensive Retreat with Panchakarma Elements contains:

Examples of treatments:

– Abhyanga – Full body oil massage with traditionally produced Ayurvedic herbal oils, adapted to your constitution and current symptoms
– Padabhyanga – Ayurvedic foot massage
– Mukhabhyanga – Ayurvedic facial massage
– Shirodhara – Ayurvedic forehead oil casting
– Garshana – Silk glove massage
– Hijamat bilashurt – Dry Cupping
– Pinda Sveda – Herbal bag treatment
– Udvartana – Herbal powder massage
– Svedana – Ayurvedic steam bath/heat treatment
– Kati Basti – Local oil treatment of the back (e.g. for lower back pain)
– Nasyam – Local oil treatment in the nose
– Snehapana – Intake of ghee (clarified butter) for several days in increasing doses
– Virecana – Purge
– Niruha Basti – Local internal application on decoction basis (herbal decoction)
– Sneha Basti – Local internal oil treatment

Ayurveda Intensive with Panchakarma Elements

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